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Kim Costello - Art & Frames in Springs, CO

Kim Costello

Managing Partner

Kim is a native of Colorado and has lived in Colorado Springs since 1958, watching our beautiful city grow and change but always in love with the glory of our mountains at any time of day. She graduated from Mitchell High School and became one of the few intense, total image feather artists in the world.

She spent many years in galleries and shows before finding Academy Art & Frame and ‘coming home', to where she was created to be, to share and encourage all those she meets. This is her ministry and passion for the artists of our community to be assisted in quality framing at affordable costs with a beautiful gallery to show case the variety of eclectic art she loves.

Cas Foste  - Art & Frames in Springs, CO



Cas was born and raised in Colorado but loves to travel and so has lived in many parts of Colorado, other states and even India. In 2002, she moved to Gunnison where she earned her Bachelor's in Fine Arts (BFA) degree with emphasis in both photography and printmaking. After graduation in December 2006, Cas went to Ramana's Garden, a children's home and school, in Laxman Jhula, India as a volunteer. During her six month tenure, Cas worked with the children as a teacher, friend, and mentor. She often substituted in the classrooms and took over organization of the art program held every Saturday.

Upon return, Cas eventually moved to Colorado Springs, where she began work at Wolf Camera as a camera sales rep. With her background in art, photography, sales and people, Cas is an asset to AAFC.

She started working with Kim in June of 2011 as a custom framer, working her way to Master Framer, Framing Manager, Curator, Events Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, etc, and knows almost as much about the business of framing as Kim Costello (almost). Cas is the owner of Cas Foste Photography, a side business in fine art photography. In her spare time, Cas likes to hike, camp, read, dance, photograph and draw...oh, and dance.
Bonnie Hamilton  - Art & Frames in Springs, CO


Lead Custom Framer

Bonnie Hamilton joined Academy Art and Frame Co. in September 2014 as a professional picture framer. In this role, Bonnie is dedicated to providing the customers at Academy Art and Frame Co. with excellent displays for their most cherished memories. Her careful application of the industry's highest standards in quality and craftsmanship ensures our customers will receive years of enjoyment from their project which is preserved with a museum-quality frame and archival materials.

Drawing on more than 20 years in repairing and restoring old picture frames, and having worked as a professional faux finisher for commercial customers for more than 10 years, she specializes in repairing and restoring old frames.

Additionally, Bonnie particularly enjoys mounting and framing needlework. She learned embroidery, knitting, and needlepoint while in grade school and continues to design and create her own needlecraft.

With decades of learning the best ways of preserving her own work, she has the expertise to assist our customers in choosing preservation methods that will best protect their treasured needle art. Regardless of what you need framed, you can be sure Bonnie will give your project the very best care, quality and attention to detail!
Keith Coleey  - Art & Frames in Springs, CO

keith cooley

P.T. Framer / Maintenance

Keith is a retired builder and carpenter with over 40 years of experience building in Northern Colorado. Owner of two companies, Cooley Building and Design and Cooley Construction, Keith brings some construction and carpentry skills to the shop. Keith joined the team at AAFC in 2014 as a part time maintenance employee, helping management to complete the never ending honey-do list and maintain company tools and equipment.

Keith is also one of the companies custom framers, although still part time.

Keith is the father of two children, Garrett and Lindsey, and between the two he is the proud grandfather of five. When not at work or at a sporting event for one of the grandkids, Keith enjoys fishing, hunting, golfing, skiing, kayaking and bicycling.

Chris Nelson  - Art & Frames in Springs, CO

Chris Nelson

Custom Framer- Part Time

Chris Nelson received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in logic design from the University of Minnesota with additional formal technical and managerial education from the Air force institute of Technology and Colorado Technical University.

He is a strong advocate for integrity, professionalism and the advancement of both technology and the arts for the benefit of those within our spheres of living. Having retired from both a career in the Air Force and from the engineering field, Chris continues his interests in photography, wood working, teaching, and mentoring others in various personal living skills. Present endeavors include using his leadership, crafting and technical skills for the benefit of the church and arts community in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Theresa Leasure  - Art & Frames in Springs, CO

Theresa Leasure

Custom Framer- Part Time

Theresa has been with Academy Frame since April of 2016 as a part time framer during the afternoons and Saturdays. She has been in framing for nearly 2 years. Theresa is in her 32nd year as an art teacher to middle and high school students, and has lived in Colorado Springs for almost the same amount of time.

She possesses a BA in Art Education and MA in Communications from the University of Northern Colorado. She is the mother of three college students and in her spare time loves to road bike long distances, cook delicious meals, work in her yard, and travel. Her mediums of choice are pottery, drawing, watercolor, and fiber arts.

Chris Nelson  - Art & Frames in Springs, CO

larry edwards

Custom Framer

Larry joined Academy Art & Frame Company in January 2017 and has been a great addition to the framing team. His background in art and framing allows him to draw from experience to help give our customers that expertise they’ve come to expect.

Larry was born and raised in Southern California, eventually moving to Colorado and attending Colorado State University in Pueblo where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with emphasis in Drawing and Printmaking. His specialty in printmaking is hand-pulled mezzotints. During his school career he was the gallery assistant to the University.

Upon graduation, Larry continued working with art by joining the team in the frame shop at Hobby Lobby. After 5 years with Hobby Lobby, Larry decided to come join the AAFC team to get more in-depth knowledge of the art and framing world. He continues to do his drawing and enjoys the woods outside his new backdoor in Woodland Park.

“I enjoy the emphasis that Academy Art & Frame Company puts on quality workmanship and our ability to give the customer that little bit extra. The team has such a close nit family-like work mentality that adds to the quality emphasis.

Theresa Leasure  - Art & Frames in Springs, CO

patsy muir ray

Front End assistant

Patsy worked off and on through the years as an administrative assistant for various companies. Her deepest interests have always been in the area of art and creative projects which found their outlet in a couple of books she produced online -- one called, "God's Way is Perfect" featuring her mother's poetry and her photography, and the other featuring just her photography. She hopes to one day produce a book that features her pastel paintings. She is happy to be a part of a dynamic team within the field where her passion lays - art. And she is finding out how interesting and downright fun it is to become more and more knowledgeable about framing, as the options are so many and so amazing. Patsy looks forward to becoming an expert in helping customers select the perfect framing for their art.